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New York, New York 10017
Telephone: 212-891-6068
Toll Free: 1-888-NANNYTAX (1-888-626-6982)

Dear Client:

This letter details how you should be reporting your quarterly household employment wage data to us and the deadlines for submitting that information.

Attached are the following:

A "deadline sheet" which details the reporting periods and the dates by which you must return your information to us.

A fax cover sheet for your use in returning this information to us. Please note that if you do not have a fax machine available to you, this information should be mailed to us at the above address.

A worksheet for you to prepare in submitting your data. (Click here to go back to the download page.)
Please note that if you are using the Adobe version of our worksheet, the spreadsheet "functionality" will not work and we would appreciate your totaling the columns before returning it to us.

Please note that your reports will be delivered via email - clients who have to file their returns by paper will receive hard copies with pre-addressed envelopes for mailing to the tax authorities.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact us. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

Very truly yours,

Alan L. Goldberg, President
NannyTax LLC

Note: If we do not receive your data by the attached deadline, you may be surcharged to cover our staff, handling and or overnight costs incurred in order to ensure timely preparation and delivery of your reports



(DEADLINES for MD/DC employers and employers with MD withholdings ONLYclick here)

We will generally contact you by email or regular U.S. mail during the second or third week of the final month of the calendar quarter in order to confirm your payroll tax data for that quarter.

You are responsible for submitting data to us according to the following schedule notwithstanding your receipt of our mailing.

Please mark your calendars to look for this information. If you do not receive an information request from us by the last week of any calendar quarter, please contact us and we will send you another package.

For the quarter Your information is due for the quarter IN OUR OFFICE NO LATER THAN:
January 1 to March 31 Friday, April 7, 2017
April 1 to June 30 Friday, July 7, 2017
July 1 to September 30 Friday, October 6, 2017
October 1 to December 31 Monday, January 8, 2018

Information received after that date will be subject to a late processing and handling fee of $75.00, which also covers any additional mailing or overnight costs.

We do not like charging any of our clients additional fees. That is not our style or our goal. However, late submissions require unnecessary overtime (and stress) in our office and such late charges allow us to maintain our price structure for those clients who observe our submission deadlines.

We would be pleased to discuss these issues at any time and you should feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Instructions for NannyTax LLC Excel Spreadsheets

Please use these instructions if you are downloading the spreadsheet shown separately on our website that includes "calculation functionality".

1. Print out or download our spreadsheet.

2. If you email the spreadsheet back to us, we request that you make sure that all data is complete, including your name, the employee's name, and all dates and amounts paid.

If you are filling out this spreadsheet on your computer, use the worksheet tab and be sure to complete all boxes. The total column calculates automatically.

3. If you choose to fax this material back to us, please use our fax cover sheet and make sure that your contact information is also included on the cover sheet.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 212-891-6068.

Thank you very much.

For returning your quarterly data:

Email to us at:

Fax to us at: 646-885-4272



Fax to:____646-885-4272 ______________________ This is page 1 of _____page(s).

Date: __________________________________

To: NannyTax LLC

From: __________________________________

Re: Quarterly filing

Daytime phone number: ______________________________________

Evening phone number: ______________________________________

Facsimile phone number: ______________________________________

Email address: ______________________________________


We are transmitting _______ employee worksheets to you.

Our payroll for the quarter ended was EXACTLY THE SAME as the PRIOR QUARTER and we are instructing you to duplicate that payroll when processing the current quarter. We understand that we will be responsible for any changes or charges in the event that we have told you "SAME" and any changes are required.

Client signature:___________________________________________ Date:_________